I’m Engaged!

So, this year me and my partner, Saxon, travelled to New Zealand for our three year anniversary. The date was 11.11.14 and I woke up to a beautiful bunch of roses lying next to me and pancakes for breakfast in bed!

rosesThe roses, orange, my favourite colour.

He had planned the whole day and wasn’t giving me any clues to what we were doing. After I had given him his first present (an awesome tie which he wore all day) we set off on the very long walk to our lunch destination: Wellington Central Park. It was a beautiful place and we walked and walked through the park trying to find a spot to sit and eat when we finally jumped off the path and perched ourselves on a nearby fallen tree trunk.


As I sat on our makeshift bench with his jacket underneath me he set up his camera and it was finally time for my present, that’s when he started to sing to me. His beautiful vioce flled the air with the words of ‘Our Song’ by good old Elton and when all went quiet he started off with a lovely, well rehersed speach. I was already teary when he pulled out the box and got down on one knee and that was it, I was gone.


Hardly able to speak and with the biggest smile on my face I nodded and made a sound that was supposed to be “YES!”. Now, he is my fiance and I have the wedding bug, so look forward to lots of inspiration and wedding planning details coming your way!

boxThe gorgeous ring box – Designed from ‘Up’ – its even got our initials!

ringThe ring – an oval cut Australian Saphire on a halo setting.

IMG_0889We couldn’t be happier


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