Golden Globes: Fashion Favs and Flops


Yesterday, the stars walked the red carpet, greeting thousands upon thousands of screaming fans and eager photographers as they made their way into the awards ceremony. We watched as they turned up one by one showing us their outfits which they very thoughtfully and carefully chose and now we watch as the world critiques every little detail of those chosen outfits and begins the debate of ‘best dressed’. I thought I’d join in on the fun so here are my top ten favs and top ten flops.


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#10 – Tracy Edmonds

This Jason Merritt dress hugs Tracy in all the right places and she has the body to pull it off. She looks gorgeous in a dress which looks so simple but so intricate at the same time. I’m a sucker for lace when it’s done right, and this dress is done right.

#9 – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Looking as glamorous as ever, Catherine is rocking this classic ball gown dress by Angel Sanchez. I’m loving the asymmetrical neckline and the way it compliments her amazing decoletage and neck line superbly. Red seems to be quite a popular colour on the red carpet this year but this dress certainly does not get lost in the crowd or the carpet.

#8 – Helen Mirren

Oh gosh. I’m in love with Helen and her wardrobe and this dress by Dolce & Gabbana makes it that much better. She looks divine in this dress and just look at how it hugs her AMAZING figure! Another red dress that’s also simple yet elegant with a beaded bodice, long sleeves and quaint puff shoulders. This dress is a wow.

#7 – Greer Grammer

As much as I love bold colours I also love me some pastel, throw in some gold with that and it’s good to go. Greer’s dress is every girls idea of a princess dress and boy does she look like one. The fitted corset bodice makes her look mature and sexy yet the way the skirt falls brings out her innocent young look and it’s a perfect mix of both. Lorena Sarbu has done wonders with this dress.

#6 – Kate Mara

Love the neckline. Love the way it falls. Love the ruffles. Love the belt. Love the dress. Kate looks good and she knows it, going with the theme of the red dresses, Miu Miu has created a gorgeous dress with a simple line yet striking  details.

#5 – Diane Kruger

How amazing does that fabric look? And the metallic shine? Emilia Wickstead  chose the perfect fabric in the perfect colour for this simple dress. The simple and bold neckline and the figure hugging fit mixed with this fabric create a calming yet stunningly gorgeous dress that Ms Diane was lucky enough to wear. If I was her, I would’ve slept in it as well.

#4 – Lana Del Ray

The lovely Lana looks as though she’s just stepped out of a 1960’s dinner party but left her cocktail behind. I love everything and anything vintage and the 60’s is undoubtedly one of my favorite eras so I’m in love with this dress which is a vintage Travilla. The colour and the fabric is to dye for not to mention the lovely little bow.

#3 – Kelly Osbourne

Whenever I see photos of Kelly Osbourne these days I have two reactions: Shock is one of them because of her lovely transformation from frog to princess and the second reaction is to instantly try to find something wrong with her outfit. She’s constantly criticizing other people on The Fashion Police and I wish that just once I could do the same for her and this dress by Georges Chakra is just another example of why I can never find flaws in her style. This dress is stunning. The sleeves, the neckline, the simplicity, everything is just perfect. Congrats Kelly, you’ve done it again.

#2 – Amy Adams

Looking like a gorgeous Roman Goddess in his pale blue Versace dress, Amy comes in a very close second on my top ten favs. The way this one shoulder gown falls so effortlessly and elegantly is one of the reasons why I love it so much. There’s just something about the cross over and the draping shoulder which creates a perfect silhouette and the pale blue compliments her rich red hair wonderfully. Props to Versace and Amy’s stylists on a wonderful pick.

#1 – Jessica Chastain

It was hard choosing my top favs and even my top flops. This year the stars really brought their A-Game with the fashion but Jessica is my clear winner. Though it does have the same silhouette and style as Lana Del Ray’s vintage gown, but this dress is THE dress. Also by Versace, this dress looks as though it was made for Jessica and her awesomely curvacious body. My favorite part of this dress is the colour. Any one else see another colour like this on that carpet? Talk about standing out from the crowd in all the right ways! And take a look at that deep v neckline, she pulls it all off perfectly.




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#10 – Kristin Dos Santos

It’s not the fact that I HATE this Walter Mendez dress that it’s on my flop list, it’s the fact that it does Kristin no justice at all. Unfortunately, it gives the illusion that she has a pear shape body and the high neckline doesn’t help. Not the wrong dress, just the wrong dress choice!

#9 – Conchita Wurst

This look really stumped me. At first, I wasn’t sure if I like it or not and really had to think about it before coming to the conclusion that if I had to think about liking it… I didn’t. The colour and fabric is perfection, and the idea is interesting but, unfortunately just wasn’t executed right. The neckline is too low and the middle slit is too high, it seems as though they were going for: ‘more skin is better’ but in this case, no. Designed by Naeem Khan, whose designs I usually love, this dress is number 9 on my flop list.

#8 – Kate Hudson

It seems I have a different view to everyone else in the world but this dress bores me! It blinds me! It disgusts me! Side cut outs are NOT a glamorous red carpet look, they’re a skimpy night club look and the bling just makes it skimpier, along with the very deep neckline that does not do her justice. A white dress can be nice, but somehow this dress is just too white. Sorry to the team at Versace and sorry to Kate, but this just wasn’t your night to shine.

#7 – Lena Dunham

Is it just me, or does it look like she’s trying to keep up a hula hoop that’s fallen past her knees? Lena is amazing, this dress is not. I never understood high-low dresses and I never thought it was a red carpet look, it’s like they can’t make up their minds on whether to have a short or long dress so they weirdly added the two together. The thing that makes this Zac Posen dress even worst is the fabric. It just does not suit the style and doesn’t fall right. C’mon Lena! I love your unusual and quirky wardrobe, what happened?

#6 – Kerry Washington

Is that snake skin or faux leather or what? This Mary Katranzou dress makes Kerry look like a very pink mermaid with weirdly overgrown purple fins who has spent too much time in the sun. It just looks like an awkward dress to wear and the length makes it that much more awkward.

#5 – Allison Williams

I knew I was missing my Christmas tree skirt last year and it seems as though Alison has stolen it and worn it to the Golden Globes! Seriously though, I think of many things when I look at this dress and beautiful is not one of them. What I do think of when I see this dress is a cupcake topper or a very kitsch crochet doll toilet roll holder and I don’t think the designers at Armani had that in mind when creating this dress. Maybe you’ll have better luck at the next red carpet Allison.

#4 – Zosia Mamet

Andrew Gin has created the most common Barbie doll dress and then destroyed it by putting that weird peplum bodice on and then let Zosia walk the carpet in it, poor Zosia. I don’t like the colours, they do not compliment each other nor the style and it looks as though the dress is too long for her. Yes, she may be a little shorter then some but there is such a thing as alterations. I’m just glad she didn’t trip over the hem.

#3 – Keira Knightly

Keira is absolutely glowing and I love the novelty fabric, but I didn’t know that modern Amish was a new trend. That clown collar and those layered lace frills just aren’t doing it for me. When I was little my mum used to put me in things with frills and I always HATED it! This dress is something that has swept out of my nightmares. I do love Keira but unfortunately this dress wasn’t her best choice. Sadly, it’s a Chanel, surprised? I was!

#2 – Melissa McCarthy

Melissa is such a funny girl, but at the moment it’s not her sense of humor making me laugh, it’s this outfit. I do give her props for choosing items from her own wardrobe, I just wish she had chosen something a lot nicer and a lot more red carpet and Golden Globes worthy. The silhouette is not flattering for her figure, neither is the high neck colour and that over sized bow. This outfit seems more fitted for an 80’s secretary with last seasons fashion, it’s just not working.

#1 Claire Danes

So, we’ve had Amish inspired, 80’s secretary and now, pardon my French… Hispanic whore. This dress is ALL types of wrong, hence hwy it’s my top flop of them all. It looks as though Valentino has taken a traditional Spanish dress, cut a slit down the middle of the bodice and borrowed some of Lady Gaga’s mesh to fix their mistake. The drop waist is not a flattering look on her and the colours seem to wash her out just a little bit. It seems as though Claire gets lost in this dress.

So, there’s my list, what’s your thoughts on the matter? Let me know if you agree or disagree or if you have any other ideas you want to share in the comments below.

All the images used in this post are courtesy of E! online and the full gallery can be found here.