Decorating a Coffee Table

So it’s now 2015, I just recently packed up and moved to Melbourne and had an awesome first Christmas in our new house! For the past couple of weeks we’ve been busy unpacking all the boxes and styling the house which for me is a whole heap of fun. I got a few new things to decorate with but I hear that a lot of people got home accessories for Christmas and are looking for some decorating hints, well here are some tips and tricks of the trade.

decorating a coffee table

One of the first rules of decorating is the ‘rule of thirds’. This rule is all about adding depth to the design and creating more of a center piece rather than a flatlay.

The rule of thirds takes into account focal points and height. Adding different heights and dimensions to your design adds interest and depth which draws the line of the eye toward each piece individually rather than it getting lost in a few grouped pieces of the same height.


As the picture above shows, the rule of thirds usually consists of having three or more heights. This picture is of one coffee table I styled which consists of four ‘structured’ heights and a fifth ‘filling’ height. A structured height is an object such as a vase, candle or ornament that is part of the structure of the design and a filling object is a type of flower or plant that fills the bare space and adds extra interest.

No matter how big or small your coffee table may be, always make sure you make full use of the potential space. There is such thing as too small and going big is always better. My fiance always uses the expression: ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ or K.I.S.S to remember that just because big and bold is good, doesn’t mean it has to be a mess, simple is beautiful.

Your first step to decorating your coffee table is to gather all of your equipment. Once you have everything together, lay it all out on the floor and look at it all together, start to visualise your ideas and how you would like the layout to look. Now it’s time to have some fun, play around with different ideas and remember that the first time you place your items on your table it may not look perfect and most often then not you’ll be pulling it apart and trying new things more times then you can count. Start off with your lower heights and work your way up to the taller objects.

Here is some product inspiration to help you get started with your gathering:

Candles are always great to use whether it’s because they smell nice, look awesome or add ambiance. You can have them sitting by themselves or put them in a lantern, on a holder or get a jarred candle. This Garden Rose candle from Target smells absolutely scrumptious, burns for 55 hours and is only $10! Pop it into this Morkt beige lantern from IKEA (just $19.99) or on top of this Brooklyn pillar stand, also from Target and just $12.


You always need a filler layer which means you need something to put it in. Try this Stem Vase from Bad Bath N’ Table ($6.99) or this Rosenthal Plisse Vase from David Jones (49.95) or add a pop of colour with this Yellow and White Glass Vase from Salt & Pepper.

Use a tray to organise all of your objects and keep them grouped or you can change an objects use like this Magical Thinking Patterned Cutting Board ($34) from Urban Outfitters and top your design off with some good reads for your guests.

Always look for inspiration, you might never be sure of your style or an idea until you see a picture of what it could look like, so here’s a few inspiration pics for you:
Here’s another side table I styled using the rule of thirds. Don’t be afraid to play around with colour and think outside the box, you never know what combinations you’ll end up liking.
Most importantly have fun with your styling and make sure your end result is one that reflects your style and personality. Good luck!

Vintage Wedding Photo Shoot

Welcome to my very first ‘real weddings’ photo shoot post! As I told you in my last post, be prepared for many wedding inspiration posts and this is the first.

A beautiful vintage inspired wedding shoot with hints of red and green shot on a beautiful sunny day near Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia. Featuring Nicola Hall as the bride and Brandon Wilkie as the groom, these two make a beautiful couple. These stunning photos were shot by Sophie from The Sweeter Side Photography.



The brides dress was found at a vintage market fair and her lace pointed toe shoes found in a small boutique shop.


Nicola D.I.Yed Brandons buttoniere and her own hair clip and corsage.




She also did her own hair and makeup making the couples wedding attire cost under $300.



For anyone wanting wedding photos (or any photos for that matter) in the Canberra region, definately take a look at the Sweeter Side Photography for amazing photos at very decent prices. Head over to her Facebook Page or check out her Blog to veiw Sophie’s portfolio.

I’m Engaged!

So, this year me and my partner, Saxon, travelled to New Zealand for our three year anniversary. The date was 11.11.14 and I woke up to a beautiful bunch of roses lying next to me and pancakes for breakfast in bed!

rosesThe roses, orange, my favourite colour.

He had planned the whole day and wasn’t giving me any clues to what we were doing. After I had given him his first present (an awesome tie which he wore all day) we set off on the very long walk to our lunch destination: Wellington Central Park. It was a beautiful place and we walked and walked through the park trying to find a spot to sit and eat when we finally jumped off the path and perched ourselves on a nearby fallen tree trunk.


As I sat on our makeshift bench with his jacket underneath me he set up his camera and it was finally time for my present, that’s when he started to sing to me. His beautiful vioce flled the air with the words of ‘Our Song’ by good old Elton and when all went quiet he started off with a lovely, well rehersed speach. I was already teary when he pulled out the box and got down on one knee and that was it, I was gone.


Hardly able to speak and with the biggest smile on my face I nodded and made a sound that was supposed to be “YES!”. Now, he is my fiance and I have the wedding bug, so look forward to lots of inspiration and wedding planning details coming your way!

boxThe gorgeous ring box – Designed from ‘Up’ – its even got our initials!

ringThe ring – an oval cut Australian Saphire on a halo setting.

IMG_0889We couldn’t be happier